Wedding Days and Wildflowers

Wedding Days and Wildflowers

Hey guys, let’s dive into the world of flowers at weddings, and trust me, it’s way more exciting than it sounds. Flowers? They’re not just your regular décor; they’re the unsung heroes that bring the vibe of your wedding to life. Think about it – choosing your flowers is like picking the right lens for a photo shoot. It sets the scene and tells your story in a way words can’t.

1. Bouquets with Attitude

Let’s talk about the bouquet. This isn’t just a bunch of flowers the bride’s holding; it’s a statement piece. It’s like choosing the perfect filter for your photo – it can totally change the mood. Those roses? They’re not just red; they’re a bold statement of love. And those lilies? They’re all about elegance and grace. It’s all in the details, and these details are key to making your photos pop. Flowers by Pollen Nation Floral Studio

2. Together Against the World

Now, the overall flower setup at a wedding – it’s like the background music in a good film. It sets the tone and ties everything together. When I’m shooting a wedding, I see these colors, these textures, and I think, “Man, this is what makes a good photo great.” It’s all about creating a visual harmony that complements the couple and the venue. Flowers by Teagan Parks Florals, Riverwood Gardens, L.s.p Designs, Pollen Nation Floral Studio

Intimate Weddings - Cindy Lottes Photography

Flowers by Kelly’s Flowers & Arteeze Flowers

3. Unscripted Moments

Let’s not skip the real gold – the candid shots. This is where the magic happens. Laughter that catches you off guard, pets doing their goofy things, and wildflowers photobombing like pros. These moments? They’re the soul of the day, raw and beautiful, unfiltered and utterly real.

Flowers by Sylvia’s 4th Line Florals, Lisa Hammond Nugent Floral Design

4. Where Love Lives

The choice of venue plays a significant role. Whether it’s a rustic barn or a modern hall, each venue in Ottawa offers unique opportunities for photos. The architecture, lighting, and décor all contribute to the story of the day. It’s important to use these elements creatively to capture the essence of the venue and how it complements the couple’s style.

5. Laughs and Leaves

And let’s not overlook the joyous moments – they’re the real highlights of the party. We’re talking about genuine laughter, on-the-spot dance-offs, and those quirky, fun moments that define a great celebration. The flowers play their part too, brightening up every scene with their colors, adding a cheerful vibe to each laugh and high-five. These are the moments that everyone will remember – candid, lively, and full of fun.

Intimate Weddings - Cindy Lottes Photography

Flowers by AM Floral Studio

So there you have it, a walk through a day where love meets the wild in the most beautiful way. These photos aren’t just images; they’re the heartbeat of a day you wish could last forever.

Flowers by Amethyst Floral, Pollen Nation Floral Studio, & Greenbank Flowers