10 tips for smokin’ hot engagement photos

Backyard Campfire Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

Alright! You’ve scheduled the date with your photographer and now you’re freaking out because you have no idea what to expect. Chill. I’m here to help! Try these top 10 tips to rock your engagement photo session!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer Cindy Lottes Photography

1.Drink lots of water and go to bed early the night before.

Well maybe don’t drink a ton of water right before bed but make sure you’re well hydrated. You want to be well rested too so don’t pull any all-nighters the week before your session. You want to look your best and getting enough sleep and water are important first steps!

Romantic Rowboat Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

2. When it comes to choosing an outfit, keep it simple

Head for neutrals (beige, white, black, tan, grey). Why, you ask? You love your red sweater and you look so hot in it! Bright colours will reflect light onto your face so unless you want some extra red tones all over your skin, ditch the bright colours! You should also avoid stripes, crazy patterns and logos.

Fitzroy Park Lakeside Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

3. Wear clothes that fit

I want you to be comfortable and relaxed and there’s no way it’s going to happen if the jacket you’re wearing is so tight you can’t move your arms. If your session involves hiking through a forest, then make sure you’re also wearing a good pair of shoes. I’ll put your heels in my backpack for you to change into later. Proper fitting clothes will allow you to move and feel comfortable and get you in the mood faster.

Ottawa Starbucks Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

4. Wear your glasses

If you’re used to wearing glasses, please wear them at your session. I don’t want anyone tripping over a boulder or falling off a bridge! Don’t worry about shine or glare, there are ways to avoid it….I’ve got skills!

Ottawa Valley Horse Farm Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

5. Leave the “Mr. T” chains at home

I recommend wearing minimal jewelry for your engagement photos. Jewelry that you wear on a daily basis is fine, just keep it simple and not too flashy. Adding jewelry that you normally wouldn’t wear will make you feel uncomfortable and distract you from the task at hand…looking natural while making out in front of me.

6. Make sure your wardrobe is clean and clothes are wrinkle free

I can’t just fix that in Photoshop 😉

Shaw Woods Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

7. Hair & Make-up 101

This is totally up to you. I am not the expert when it comes to either so if you’re confident you can do it yourself, totally go for it. My girls in the field tell me there’s a different way of applying makeup for the camera so if you’re not sure, ya better go to the experts and get them to hook you up.

Cottage Engagement Session by Cindy Lottes Photography

8. You just need to bring your smiles

Seriously. Don’t bring any props. I love to keep the focus on you as a couple and not worry about signs and pillows etc. If your hands are free you can use them for more important things like pinching, hugging, holding hands or gently caressing each other.

Ottawa Valley Backyard Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

9. Have fun and forget I’m even there

We’re going to have a good time! I know you’re nervous about being photographed but I’ll guide you along the way. Just be yourselves, laugh, joke around until you’re relaxed and then get a little closer and a little more serious. My favourite images are the ones where you forget I’m even there. You’re not looking at the camera and you’re totally focused on one another, 100% in that moment. Remember why you’re doing this. Yeah, yeah, I hear you say “She made me!” but seriously…you guys are about to make the biggest commitment to each other and these photos will be something you can look back on and see yourselves pre-wedding, looking smokin’ hot for each other.

Byward Market Ottawa Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

10. Location, location, location

There are so many options and I’m always up for something new. Let me know where you go out on date nights, where you hike with your dog (and yes, you can bring your dog/dogs/ferrets/cows/horses etc. Just give me a heads up so we can plan it out a bit), where you feel like you can let loose and relax in front of the camera. I generally schedule engagement sessions an hour before sunset. This sets the mood with the perfect, romantic lighting so you guys can snuggle up and make some magic!

Jamari Espresso House Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer. We’re generally pretty nice people and enjoy communicating with our clients! Good Luck and get smoochin! xoxo Cindy

Luskville Falls Gatineau Park Engagement by Cindy Lottes Photography

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