Your Epic Engagement Session

Let’s Make it Legendary!

Picture this: it’s not just about the photos; it’s about the experience—the shared glances, the whispers, the spontaneous laughter. Whether we find ourselves in a whimsical, graffiti-laden alley or a serene canoe adrift in the quiet morning mist, each snapshot is a piece of your unique puzzle.

Hey there,

Congrats on leveling up together! I’m pumped that you’re considering me to document your engagement—it’s not just about snapping pictures, it’s about capturing your vibe, the real you.

Selecting the right spot for your engagement photos isn’t just about scenic views—it’s about finding a place that resonates with your joint vibe and history. Whether it’s the raw pulse of the city streets or the serene solitude of the wilderness, choose a place that feels like it’s a chapter of your own story.

Cody & Katherine Engagement Ottawa River

Dress for the occasion? Absolutely. But make it your brand of authentic. Jeans and leather jackets or that dress that makes you feel invincible—wear what amplifies your spirit.

Pre-shoot nerves are real, but here’s the deal: just bring yourselves. Bring the laughter, the quirks, the love. Props, pets, or your favorite kicks—whatever tells your story.

We’ll chase the light, find the angles, and make every moment count. This is about crafting a narrative that’s as epic as your bond.

xo Cindy

Your Epic Engagement Session