Art and Autumn Hues: Orange Art Gallery Wedding

A Day Where Minimalism Meets Eclectic

Hey guys, grab a coffee, snuggle up and enjoy a peak at Emily & Braden’s big day. We’re in Ottawa, it’s November, and the city is like this awesome canvas of fall colors. This cool couple, Emily and Braden, chose this day to say “I do,” mixing up their unique styles into something absolutely magical. Right in the city’s heart, surrounded by art and history, they kicked off their life together. And let me tell you, it was something special.

Fashion and Florals: Style on Point

Emily was killing it in her Maggie Sottero dress from With Love Bridal, and those Rachel Simpson shoes? Perfect. Braden wasn’t far behind in his sharp Sur Mesur suit. Their rings from Conger’s Jewellers? Pure class. And the florals from Bloomfields? They nailed the autumn vibe, balancing eye-catching and understated like pros.

A Shot of Joy Before the Big Party

Right before their reception at the Orange Art Gallery, we ducked out for a little adventure to D’Arcy McGees. It’s this chill Irish Pub that Emily & Braden frequent and it was the perfect backdrop for some candid pics.

So there we were, Emily & Braden in full wedding attire, slipping into this pub. The mission? To share a celebratory shot. It was this beautiful, unscripted moment, just them, cherishing the craziness of the day. As they clinked glasses, you could see the excitement and love in their eyes – a moment of calm before the storm of celebration.

I’ve got to say, capturing this was awesome. It wasn’t your typical wedding photo – it had this raw, real vibe to it. Emily and Braden, in this burst of spontaneity, reminded us all that sometimes it’s these unplanned moments that make the best memories.

After that, we headed back to the gallery, ready to dive into the evening’s festivities. This little detour added a special touch to their story, a tale of love, laughter, and a shot of joy. Just another reason why I love doing what I do, capturing these genuine, candid slices of life.

The Venue: A Fusion of Vintage Charm and Contemporary Art

The Orange Art Gallery was the perfect venue for these two. It’s this amazing blend of vintage charm and modern art that really set the scene for an intimate celebration. The place just oozes personality as it is the historic CN Railroad Bank building. So cool!

Decor That Tells a Story

The decor? It’s all about personal touch. Emily’s stepmom stepped up, blending Braden’s minimalist style with Emily’s eclectic taste. The result? Think simple, but super personal. The color theme – gold, navy, and deep berry with some bright splashes – created this warm, romantic mood. And most of the decor came right from their family homes, making it feel like the classiest house party ever.

Music, Food, and Doughnuts: Celebrating in Style

Kimberley Dunn set the tone with her ceremony music, while Urban Element Catering kept everyone’s taste buds dancing. And Suzy Q doughnuts? A playful twist on dessert that everyone loved.

And there you have it, folks. Emily and Braden’s wedding – a day filled with love, laughter, and a little dash of the unexpected. It’s these real, unscripted moments that truly make a wedding story unforgettable. Cheers to Emily and Braden!

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