Geni and Pats Enchanting Wedding

Our enchanting wedding photography session with Geni and Pat was a day to remember, filled with magical moments and heartfelt emotions. The dawn of October 14, 2023, wasn’t just another day. It was Geni and Pat’s wedding day. And boy, did it start with a bang—a solar eclipse, no less.

Pat looks at himself in a mirror and straightens his bowtie.

Morning Prep: Cabin Vibes and Brotherly Bonds

Pat stood by the mirror, cabin light casting a warm glow. He straightened his bowtie, a quiet moment before the storm of celebrations. His brother-in-law, right beside him, added shine to his shoes. Each gesture, a symbol of the day’s weight.

Dan Kirkness from Video Keepsakes, films Pat fixing his hair before the ceremony.
Pat's brother in law shines his shoes before the ceremony.
Pat and his best man fixing up his bowtie.
Pat looking handsome with his green bowtie and matching vest.
Pat showing his custom cufflinks with images of his younger sister who sadly passed away.

Dan Kirkness captured these moments, ones they’d treasure forever. Pat’s cufflinks shone, bearing his sister’s image, a tender nod to her memory. His dad wore a matching tie, keeping her close.

Pat's dad showing his custom tie with an image of himself and his daughter who sadly passed away.
The Groom and Groomsmen walk to the river for portraits.
Pat lines up with his 10 groomsmen for some portraits by the water.
Pat and his groomsmen joking around and laughing.
Pat and his best man do a funny pose for a photo.

Geni’s Start: Dance Beats and Dress Dreams

Meanwhile, at Geni’s parent’s home, the air hummed with excitement. TikTok dances and clinking glasses set a joyous prelude. Geni, in a white robe, gleamed with the word “Bride” glittering in gold. Her custom green heels? A personal stamp of style.

Geni's parent's home.
Geni's wedding dress hangs in the window of her house.
Geni and her sisters take a dance video for TikTok before getting into their dresses.
Geni wearing her white robe with Gold lettered "Bride" on the back.
Geni and her bridesmaids clink glasses in a cheers on her bed.
A close-up photo of Geni's fingernails and engagement ring.
Geni reaches up to grab her wedding dress.
Geni has help getting into her wedding dress.
Custom green very high heel shoes, designed by Geni herself.

Her father’s eyes brimmed with tears. The bridesmaids echoed his sentiment. Geni’s wedding dress slipped on, and the room held its breath. Pure magic.

Geni's father and bridesmaids react to her in her wedding dress.
Geni's sisters and bridesmaids help her get earrings and bracelet on before the ceremony.
A close-up photo of the custom wax seal on the wedding invitations.
A flat lay photo of Geni & Pat's wedding invitations, rings and jewellery.
A macro photo of Geni & Pat's wedding rings.
A photo of the locket of Pat's sister that Geni placed on her bouquet.

Ceremony: Emotion and Eclipses

The church setting for the ceremony was a blend of solemnity and spontaneous joy. As Phillip Holmes’ piano melodies filled the air, Geni and her bridesmaids made a jubilant entrance.

Pat and his groomsmen wait outside the church.
Phillip Holmes plays the piano.
Geni and her bridesmaids race towards the church.
Pat walks down the aisle with both of his parents.
Pat smiles as he shakes his brother-in-laws hand.
Geni's sister looks at the camera and smiles as she walks down the aisle.
little twin ring bearers and their younger cousin, the flower girl, walk down the aisle.

Twin ring bearers and a young flower girl stole hearts. Then, Geni appeared. Pat’s first glimpse of her in white stopped time.

Pat watches as Geni walks up the aisle with both of her parents.
A close-up of Pat seeing Geni for the first time in her wedding dress.
Geni walks up the aisle with her parents. She has a big smile on her face as she looks at Pat.
Geni and Pat stand at the front of the church while the priest blesses them.
A close-up photo of Pat and Geni holding hands during the ceremony.
A wide shot from above of Geni and Pat walking up to the alter to sign their vows.
Geni places the ring on Pat's finger.
Geni and Pat hold up a bag of Hersey's Kisses. A little joke during their ceremony.

They exchanged rings, shared a joke with Hershey’s Kisses. Laughter rippled through the church. Their first kiss? Electrifying.

Geni and Pat share their first kiss as husband and wife.
Geni & Pat walk hand in hand down the aisle while their friends and family share big smiles.
Geni and Pat cheer with their hands up as they walk down the aisle.
Geni and Pat exit the church, into the parking lot.
A big group photo of Geni and Pat and all of their guests on the front steps of the church.
The hummer SUV drives on a dirt road surrounded by fall trees.
A portrait of the wedding party in a field with fall trees in the background.
Geni & her bridesmaids pose for a group portrait.
Geni is being held up by the groomsmen in a field.
Pat poses for a cool portrait with the bridesmaids. They are wearing white heart shaped sunglasses.
Pat and his groomsmen strut and laugh during their portraits.
Geni & Pat pose for a portrait with her veil over both of their heads.

The Magic of Enchanting Wedding Photography.

Under this wide sky, the magic of enchanting wedding photography comes alive, one candid shot at a time. It’s in the quiet corners, the bursts of laughter, and the soft whispers between loved ones. As I wandered through Geni and Pat’s day, my camera found those fleeting moments that might have slipped by unnoticed—the squeeze of a hand, the echo of shared jokes, the dance of the leaves as they celebrated along. This isn’t just about capturing faces; it’s about bottling up the feel of the day, the genuine, unposed heartbeat of a wedding. And as you flip through these photos, it’s my hope that you’re transported back to the magic of those moments, time and time again.

Geni and Pat hold each other and kiss under Geni's veil with the sun shining in behind them.
A black and white portrait of Geni and her long veil.
Geni & Pat kiss in a field with a blue sky and rainbow in the background.
Geni posing for a portrait in her beautiful wedding dress.
Pat looks at Geni while fixing up his bowtie.
Pat jumps super high and high fives Geni for a funny wedding portrait.
An enchanting wedding photo of Geni & Pat kissing.

Reception: Wild Dances and Warm Speeches

The reception was a whirlwind of entertainment, from the grand entrance of the wedding party, complete with wild dance routines and inflatable horses, to the groomsmen’s hilarious jockstrap dance. The speeches, including heartfelt ones from Pat’s parents and a humorous rap to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme from Geni’s bridesmaids, added layers of laughter and tears to the night.

A custom engraved champagne glass with the wedding date and Mr & Mrs on it.
the head table overlooking the dance floor with couples initials on it.
Tall, gold centerpieces with hanging candles and flowers decorate each table.
G & P custom gold decal on the dance floor.
Glass table number signs with etched gold script.
A bottle of white wine with a custom label with an image of Geni and Pat kissing.
One of the MC's revving up the crows before the grand entrance of the wedding party.
Geni's dad, another MC, introudcues the wedding party.
Groomsmen and bridesmaids enter the hall with some crazy dance routines to rockin music.
Groomsmen and bridesmaids enter the hall with some crazy dance routines to rockin music.
A bridesmaid enters with a cowgirl hat and an inflatable stick horse.
Groomsmen and bridesmaids enter the hall with some crazy dance routines to rockin music.
a groomsmen does a summersault in the middle of the dance floor.
Groomsmen and bridesmaids enter the hall with some crazy dance routines to rockin music.
The wedding party hoists up the groom for a little crowd surfing.
Geni and Pat enter and dance in the middle of the dance floor.
Geni & Pat share a slow dance and gaze into each other's eyes.
Fireworks crackle behind the bride and groom as they share their first dance.
More crowd revving from the MC.
The wedding surprises the bride and groom with a flash dance.
A dance off between the bride and her bridesmaids and the groom and his groomsmen.
Pat and his groomsmen try and outdance the girls.
Geni's sister and another bridesmaid rap a story about the bride and groom to the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song.
The MC introduces another surprise for the bride and groom.
Geni and Pat are happily watching their friends perform.
Bridesmaids look on as Pat's parents give their heartfelt speeches.
Pats parents give heart felt speeches.
Geni's parents present her with an enlarged photo of her riding a motorcycle with her father.
Pat's best man gives his speech with everyone laughs at his jokes.
Geni's sister delivers her speech and gets everyone laughing as well.
The crowd cheers to the happy couple.
Geni and Pat share a kiss at the head table.
DJ Martin LEGUERRIER announces the next surprise with some upbeat music.

The dance floor was a riot of energy, with guests and the newlyweds dancing away to the beats of DJ Martin Leguerrier. The night was dotted with surprises, each one upping the ante of the celebration.

wedding guests can't stop laughing at the next surprise.
Pat stands and raises his hands when he sees the next surprise.
The groomsmen swarm Pat while wearing only jockstraps and ties.
Half naked groomsmen dance on the groom.
Groomsmen race back outside to go and get changed back into their suits.

A Night to Remember: Fantasy and Fairytales

As the night drew to a close, Geni and Pat posed for a nighttime photo in front of a Cinderella carriage, a fairy-tale ending to a day that was every bit a fantasy. The backdrop of mini lights added a twinkle to this already starry night.

Geni and Pat pose for a nighttime photo in front of the Cinderella carriage her family made.
Geni & Pat kiss in front of the Cinderella carriage. Enchanting Wedding Photography by Cindy Lottes
Guests signed a wood sign with the couple's last name on it.
a 4 tier white wedding cake with gold trim and green hand painted flowers.
Geni & Pat cut their wedding cake.

The wedding cake, a four-tier masterpiece with gold trim and hand-painted green flowers, was a sight to behold. And as the cake was cut, the dance floor came alive once more, with Geni and Pat leading the charge.

DJ Martin LEGUERRIER starts the dance party!
Geni & Pat hit the dancefloor with their wedding party.
Geni & Pat dance with their neices and nephews.
Geni & her friends take a shot before hitting the dance floor.
Guests party hard on the dance floor.
Guests dance to their favourite songs.

A Day of Love, Laughter, and Lifelong Memories

Geni and Pat’s wedding was a beautiful amalgamation of their personalities – vibrant, full of love, and unabashedly joyful. From a solar eclipse to a night lit by twinkle lights, every moment was a testament to their journey and the adventures that lay ahead. This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a celebration of life, love, and everything in between.

Geni and Pat dance the night away.

Vendors Who Make the Magic Happen

In the end, Geni and Pat’s wedding wasn’t just about the union of two people. It was about family, friends, and the countless moments of joy that make life so incredibly beautiful. Here’s to the newlyweds, may their life be as vibrant and full of love as their wedding day!

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