Orange Art Gallery Fall Wedding

I first met Tessa & Andy at the Clocktower Brew Pub in Westboro where we shot their engagement session. We chatted about their wedding plans and how they wanted to have a fun, non-traditional, authentic wedding. The Orange Art Gallery suited them perfectly with it’s off-beat vibe/creative vibes and everyone had such a good time!

Orange Art Gallery Wedding

He proposed on New Year’s Eve, with the ring I specifically wanted, after messaging a friend of mine, living overseas, who he’d never met, to learn the details. It made me ugly-cry.


We met online, but were surprised to realize on our second date that we’d actually attended the same wedding about five years earlier. This is one of a whole bunch of weird missed connections we’ve since discovered, so while the Tinder algorithm is responsible for us meeting, I’m pretty sure this is just a case of technology expediting what was already meant to be.


Shout-out to these Amazing vendors!

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