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So you’re getting married…Now shit gets real. You’re searching for the perfect vendors to help bring to life your dream wedding day. Well, I’m here to help ya. I know you’re nervous and have probably never hired a professional photographer before. Don’t sweat it! I’ve been shooting weddings over 8 years and each one still gives me an adrenaline rush. I’m kind of addicted to photographing love. I’ll get to know you guys so when your wedding day comes it’s like seeing an old friend. 

I promise I wont just show up with my camera and start ordering you around. If you’re looking for someone to come in, take some staged portraits and family photos and cruise, I’m not your gal. I want to capture your steamy passion for each other, the little moments in between those big ones, the real smiles and belly laughs so one day you can look back and know you were present and you created this wedding story!

It’s your adventure! xoxox

People you may be interested in;

This is my husband, Matt. We've been together for 22 years...yes we hooked up in high school. He braided my hair on "skip day" and I knew he was the one. He's a pretty easy-going guy who gets along with everyone. He's also an insanely gifted musician that can play any instrument he pics up but I mostly married him because he's a math wiz and won all these awards in high school and I really wanted to have smart kids. Now he's the super cool father of our two munchkins and music teacher extraordinaire at the local high school. In 2006 we got hitched at our family cottage. It was a small wedding where we got to celebrate with our friends and family and have a lot of fun. We played soccer and had a big bonfire and I even cliff jumped in my wedding dress (pretty much a typical day at the cottage).

Casey (the chick in the pics below) is not only my BFF, but the other gal who'll also be capturing your big day. She's the sniper cam...while I'm focusing on you walking down that aisle, she's got her lens pointed at him and the tears streaming down his face when he sees you for the first time. While I'm shooting the family photos she's focusing on little flower girl and ring bearer doing cartwheels in the grass. She's also there to give me a hand with lighting if the weather doesn't cooperate and is also an expert at pinning on those boutonnieres. AND she's a crazy talented artist who creates custom wedding stationery! You gotta check out her work!

Cindy + Matt (total geeks)

So whatcha waiting for?!

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