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Boho Bride and Groom at blue hour on wedding day

Chelsea and Zach’s Boho Wedding at Bleeks & Bergamot | Cindy Lottes Photography

As a photographer, I’ve seen countless stories unfold. But Chelsea and Zach’s boho wedding at Bleeks & Bergamot? It was exceptionally special. More than just taking photos, it involved immersing in a sea of emotions. From love to joy, and those fantastic, unexpected moments – join me as we embark on this incredible journey, captured […]

Alida & Roch Backyard Boho Wedding by Cindy Lottes Photography

Alida & Roch’s Boho Bliss: A Backyard Wedding in Bristol, Quebec | Cindy Lottes Photography

A Meeting of Hearts and Crafts Alida and Roch’s story began, as many great stories do, with a twist of fate. Both of their best friends started dating, which led to their first encounter. Fast forward through time, shared moments, and a romantic proposal in Greece, they found themselves planning their dream wedding. Their professions, […]

Orange Art Gallery Downtown Ottawa Wedding

Art and Autumn Hues: Orange Art Gallery Wedding

A Day Where Minimalism Meets Eclectic Hey guys, grab a coffee, snuggle up and enjoy a peak at Emily & Braden’s big day. We’re in Ottawa, it’s November, and the city is like this awesome canvas of fall colors. This cool couple, Emily and Braden, chose this day to say “I do,” mixing up their […]

Engagement Sessions wit Cindy Lottes Photography

Your Epic Engagement Session

Let’s Make it Legendary! Picture this: it’s not just about the photos; it’s about the experience—the shared glances, the whispers, the spontaneous laughter. Whether we find ourselves in a whimsical, graffiti-laden alley or a serene canoe adrift in the quiet morning mist, each snapshot is a piece of your unique puzzle. Hey there, Congrats on […]

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