Intimate Ottawa Greenhouse Experimental Farm Wedding

The start of our story is a night that I will never forget…We had been messaging back and forth for a little while on Plenty of Fish (ya, i know, right?) The weekend was coming and he had mentioned going to the Ribfest in Petawawa and passed a casual invitation my way. Mike was texting me on the way up and I was kind of brushing him off telling myself that if we met up there, it was meant to happen and if not, well, no harm no foul. The stars must have been perfectly aligned that night because the FIRST person I saw was none other than Mr.Mike Walsh himself, standing in line for beer. We spent that entire night talking, drinking Farmer’s Daughter for the first time, dancing and being the super goofs we are.

On the walk to his place that night we found this old run down house where we stopped for a while, joking around about buying it and how we would decorate the interior. The dream felt so natural for someone I had just met… on the same walk he informed me that he was to leave for Poland in the next two weeks. I’m not gonna lie, my heart kind of sank. Here I was with this handsome, funny, amazing guy and he was scheduled to leave for over 3 months! I made the decision to see where it went regardless. If it was meant to be, it would be! We spent another weekend together before his departure and still I expected him to disappear once he left, certain that I would never hear from him again… yet, to my surprise, his first day in Poland, I received a strange call on my phone from Hawaii. IT WAS HIM!! I simply couldn’t believe it. He actually took the time to call me from thousands of miles away based on not even a handful of nights spent together and I was happier than ever. I knew right then and there that I was going to wait for that boy to come back to Canada!

Bride’s Dress –Stella York

Hair – MB Salon Michelle Bertrand

Makeup – Jeanne d’Arc Boisvert at Esthétique Jeanne d’Arc

Nails – Stephanie Cyr

Rings – Mike’s Grandma Burns

Assistant/Second Shooter – Casey Snyder Design

Bride’s Jewelry –  handmade by Kayla. Earrings handmade by best friend Shalissa Hannaberry

Bride’s Boots – Coconuts by Matisse

Groom’s Suit & Shoes – Town & Country Pembroke

Groom’s Ring – Kayla’s pepere Bertrand

Flowers – Manon Belleau

Decor – Jane Thrasher

Officiant – Lynne from Exceptional Ceremonies

Wedding Cake – Julie Tourangeau

Videographer – Michael Tourangeau

Pocket Watch belonged to David Walsh, Mike’s dad who passed 10 years ago

Venues – Ottawa Experimental Farm & Arboretum, Heart & Crown Pub Preston


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