Canadian/Algerian Wedding at Orchard View

What a stunner! Stephanie and Redha knew they couldn’t have a big traditional Canadian/Algerian wedding so they kept it small but went all out with details at Orchard View and it was sooooo amazing.

Enjoy xo

The Amazing Jinbon documented the day through video and created this beauty for the happy couple.
Groom brushing his beard before the wedding.
Algerian Groom's suit.
Best man helps groom in to his suit.
Groom kisses his dad on the head.
Groom looks at his reflection in the mirror.
bride's reflection in the mirror and bridesmaid fastens her high heel shoe.
bride's mom fastens up her dress
bridesmaids smile at bride
shoes, bouquet and engagement ring
bride and her bridesmaids smile for a picture in her backyard
bride and groom smile for the camera

Redha and I aren’t quite high school sweethearts, but pretty darn close! We became friends in grade nine, went to prom together in our senior year, and by our second year of university, we were dating. Our friends always said we’d end up together, and – well – they were right! 

Groom poses in front of a Mercedes sports car.
Groom shows off his bling with an awesome jacket with printed interior
groom pulls up to bride's house in a Mercedes sport car.
Groom and his parents follow an Algerian Band to bride's house
An Algerian band leads to groom to his bride
Groom enters the bride's home
Bride sees groom for the first time
Bride and groom follow an Algerian Band down their driveway
An Algerian band plays before a bride and groom
An Algerian band plays for a bride and groom

When Redha and I got engaged in August of this year, we knew we didn’t want to wait too long to get married. After 12 years together, and given all the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, we immediately thought to ourselves “why wait?”. As daunting as the idea was to try to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, we knew that we had an opportunity to embrace the unique circumstances of COVID-19 and plan ourselves a smaller, more intimate celebration with those most important to us… something that was both beautiful and COVID-friendly. Looking back on this decision, we have zero regrets. After all, “it’s the marriage, not the wedding“, right?

Bride and groom enter their wedding tent at Orchard View
A welcome sign stands in the entrance to a beautiful wedding tent at Orchard View in Greely
Bride and Groom dance into their wedding tent
decor and florals by Orchard View in Greely, Ontario
Bride and groom pose for a portrait in their wedding tent at Orchard View
tablescape by Orchard View
An Algerian Canadian wedding at Orchard View in Greely, Ontario
wedding favor
decor by Orchard View
bride and groom walk with their blue shoes on
Bride and Groom walk down the white bridge at Orchard View
Bride and Groom kiss on white bridge at Orchard View Weddings and Events
Bride and Groom laugh while sitting on a bench at Orchard View
Bride and groom smile for the camera
black and white photos of bride and groom embracing during sunset at Orchard View
a large wedding tent with a clear roof at orchard view in greely
mother of the groom enters the tent in traditional Algerian dress
Cake at orchard view wedding
dad carries tired flower girl at orchard view wedding
groom and bride dressed in traditional Algerian Wedding attire
groom and bride dance in traditional Algerian wedding attire
bridesmaid gives a speech at a wedding
friend of the groom giving a speech at orchard view wedding
bride and groom react with big laughs to a speech at their orchard view wedding
traditional Algerian Wedding at Orchard View in Greely
Traditional Algerian Wedding
guests dance during a Canadian Algerian Wedding
Bride and Groom celebrate their Canadian/Algerian Wedding at Orchard View in Greely
Henna on bride and groom's hands during their wedding reception
bride and groom dance with candles at their Algerian wedding in Greely
Algerian band plays for the bride and groom
Algerian drummer and band play for the married couple
Algerian band plays while the bride and groom dance
Algerian band playing music on the dance floor for the bride and groom
first dance for bride and groom at their orchard view wedding

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